Wysc Blog Release

04 Jul 2019

Wysc is proud to announce significant progress in expanding our website’s ability to be a central information hub for the Wysc experience!

With the release of the Wysc Blog, new information will be easily accessible in the event of a service being unavailable or to convey important announcements and updates regarding our service.

Future updates to Wysc will exist primarily on our website, with a brief overview and link to our website in our Discord server. This will allow us to be more flexible in providing more detailed information and more varied forms of media moving forward, as well as lengthier pieces of documentation that may be relevant to users that Discord currently prohibits due to a maximum character limit and lack of proper formatting tools.

We hope you find this new system easier to navigate compared to our previous system, and look forward to continued improvements throughout our June 2019 Server Revamp!

Wysc Staff ☕

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