Misbehaving Users

29 Jun 2019

Wysc highly values the openness and freedom of its users to participate in a free forum of information exchange in a casual environment. In fact, what sets us apart exclusively from other study servers is our much more relaxed approach at moderation in comparison to the more heavy-handed tactics other study servers resort to when users misbehave.

During our pilot expansion program promoting our server on Disboard and other server promotion sites, we have discovered that there has been a need to continue adapting our server’s infrastructure to the imminent danger of users abusing our open platform to spread malicious messages unrelated to our core focus on study and music.

In response to this situation, Wysc Staff has opened up quarantine permissions for all Tree role members (highest activity role) by typing the d.nsfw @user command. This will allow the community the tools necessary to seize control of a malicious situation during the hours when Wysc Staff is offline.

We hope this approach will help balance usability with moderation, and thank you for continuing to be a part of Wysc during our time of evolution.

Wysc Staff ☕

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