WSC update

16 Jun 2018

Lots of new channels added for the June 2018 WSC Update!

✨💼 Work category now fully launched!

  • #career - ask about job/internship advice, help, tips, and more!
  • #resources - relaunched channel for sharing helpful resources and tips
  • #life - ever wish high school taught you how to do taxes or other practical life skills? join others in this new channel!

✨📚 New channels added under Studying!

  • #self-intro - relaunched introductions channel for finding study partners!
  • #study-center - early release yielded great results. General study area for exams, college apps, and other questions
  • #accountability - new “Accountability” feature introduced by our mod Trevish! List your to-do tasks here and check them off as you complete them. Encourage your study partner to complete their tasks, and strive to complete your own as well!
  • #business - relaunched business, economics, and government channel

@everyone Hope you enjoy the new channels, if you want to suggest something to include in the server, drop it in #lounge

[ WSC Staff ]

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