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09 Feb 2018

Hi @everyone,

One of our server partners, Studious Students, had an unfortunate incident where their server was hacked and deleted. WSC would like to extend our dearest condolences, and wishes a speedy recovery for Studious Students.

The invite for the new server will be up in #server-partners once the new Studious Students server is fully completed. For now, if there are any questions, comments, or concerns from the community, feel free to discuss them in #lounge or #cafe :)

We look forward to a continued partnership between our servers!

Best Regards,
Sakura 🌸, on behalf of WSC Staff

updated 2018-02-13

📣 | Announcement for Studious Students server @everyone

⚠ Note: There is an unofficial copy of the server that is currently being run by another user. It is not the original server and we do not recommend you join it. The incident has been resolved.

The new Studious Students server is now up and ready! Please be wary of false copies; the link below was directly sent to us by @[redacted], the admin of the old server.

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studious students
studious students
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